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Herman Miller Eames Chair Shock Mount Repair


Since the late 40's Herman Miller has been manufacturing plywood, and until recently, fiberglass furniture. The most common models being the ES670 Lounge, DCM – LCM and molded fiberglass series. During the early years a number of different frame mounting styles were used until the system was finally perfected. The original ES670 and the DCM style shock mounts are both manufactured in the same way and from the same material, ie, one threaded steel plate encapsulated in neoprene rubber. Neoprene rubber is used for its resilience, strength and bounce back properties. Our shock mounts match the originals exactly.

The Signs of shock mount failure.

Over time you may notice that it is harder to get out of the ES670, your DCM is wobbly or Arm Shell feels unstable. In which case you should examine you chair immediately. In the case of your Lounge chair a good test is to stand at the back of the chair and with one foot on the base push the chair away from you. If you can push the chair forward more than a few inches then new shock mounts are probably required. A visual inspection of your DCM or Arm shell shock mounts may expose deterioration.


For 15 years Hume Modern has installed thousands of shock mounts for all the Eames furniture. After first filling out our on line Shock Mount Request Form and receiving an estimate number your chair parts are ready to be sent in for repair. You will be required to attach your name and estimate number to all parts. On receipt your parts will have a customer name and number label attached before inspection. All original shock mounts that may still be attached are removed carefully so as not to cause wood / fiberglass damage. New shock mount alignment is critical to ensure proper seating angles. This is achieved by using templates constructed from original frames and bases. At no time do we router panels for shock mount placement. When exact mount location is established new shock mounts are installed using our tried and tested bonding system, after which the repair is left to set.

Take a moment and fill out our Shock Mount Request Form. On receipt we will generate an accurate quote, which you will receive within 48 hours along with detailed instructions on how to send your parts for repair.

Warning: Ask Questions.

With minimal research on line you will find companies that claim to have perfected the art of shock mount installation (olek lejbzon) or invented a better and cheaper product (special k products). Or just a fix. (studio670repair)

Before dealing with all online companies ask a few questions.

  1. What are your shock mounts made from, neoprene and steel, Polyurethane plastic & t-nuts or god forbid painted wooden blocks.
  2. Are your parts made in USA
  3. What guarantee do your parts have.
  4. Will you be installing new or old parts.

Shock mounts made from polyurethane plastic will in a short space of time over flex and tear due to its inferior plastic characteristics.

The classic 'bounce' of the Eames Lounge chair cannot be achieved by installing painted wood blocks and t-nuts.This type of 'repair' is ill conceived and will cause catastrophic damage to your chair and even your person. Why install an old tired mount when you can have a pair of new ones.

Shock Mount Repair

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